A third-country national may seek a residential permit under the Malta Residence and Visa Programme Regulations through a registered approved agent. Accounting Services Ltd is an Accredited Agent with license number IIP117 and Maltese Authorised Registered Mandatory with license number ARM01937. The application is made to Identity Malta that issues a certificate which authorises the beneficiary to reside, settle or stay in Malta indefinitely. This shall benefit the main applicant together with any of his qualifying dependents.

Dependants include:

  1. The only spouse of the main applicant
  2. The minor child of the main applicant even if adopted
  3. The adult child of the main applicant provided that he is unmarried, younger than 26 and proven to be economically active and dependent upon the main applicant
  4. Parent or grandparent of the main applicant provided that he is not economically active and is dependent upon the main applicant
  5. Adult child of the main applicant, having a certified physical disability and who is living with and supported by the main applicant

The certificate shall be monitored annually for the first five years, and every five years thereafter.

The Programme consists of three tiers of investments:

  1. Immovable property – Purchase €320,000 (North area), €270,000 (South area) / Rent €12,000 (North area), €10,000 (South area)
  2. Interest-free bond in favour of Malta Government – €250,000.
  3. Contribution – €30,000, of which €5,500 comprise a non-refundable administrative fee

How to apply using Accounting Services Ltd as your service provider:

  1. €5,500 Admin fee payable to Identity Malta
  2. €4,500 deposit to Accounting Services Ltd
  3. Present title to qualifying property
  4. Present certificate to a qualifying investment
  5. Present any other requested document
  6. €24,500 Contribution payable to Identity Malta
  7. €15,500 final payment to Accounting Services Ltd


  1. 18 years of age
  2. Application requirements met
  3. Commitment to provide proof of title to property
  4. Commitment to invest in a qualifying investment
  5. Commitment to pay the contribution in full

Application to be accompanied by (original or certified copy):

  1. Police certificates: One issued from Malta, and another from country of origin or from every country of residence of the last ten years (residence for 6 months +)
  2. Evidence presented by Accounting Services Ltd; Know Your Client, proof that one is fit/proper
  3. Undertaking to purchase/rent an immovable property
  4. Undertaking to make the qualifying investment
  5. Undertaking to remit the total of the contribution
  6. Certificate from a reputable health system
  7. Any other document requested by Identity Malta
  8. An affidavit of support for each dependant under 18 years of age – Forms for minors to be signed by both parents or accompanied by legal documentation detailing the custody and guardianship of the minor.

Eligible persons (at application stage and throughout the entire duration):

  • Persons of certifiable good conduct
  • Persons who are third country nationals, and not Maltese, EEA or Swiss
  • Persons who hold a qualifying property for a minimum 5 year period from date of certificate
  • Persons who hold a qualifying investment for the same 5 year minimum period
  • Persons in receipt of stable and regular resources sufficient to maintain one’s self and dependants
  • Applicant and dependants possess a valid travel document
  • Persons who possess health insurance in relation to all risks across the EU
  • Persons who provide an affidavit that their annual income is not less than €100,000 or have in their possession a capital of not less than €500,000.